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Triplex for Sale in Lakewood, CA

Families that decide to invest in the triplexes that Lakewood has available are sure to be one step ahead of other families as a result of the financial advantage they will get in addition to the other facilities that the homes have to offer.

Triplexes may have three independent residential units, each with its entrance, or they can be combined into one large building. If the buyer plans to live in one of the apartments, a triplex may sometimes be purchased in Lakewood with little or no down payment using financing options. The accumulation of riches may be accomplished wonderfully with this method. These buildings have the potential to be excellent investment properties, there are always quite a few triplex for sale in Lakewood, CA. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries.

WELL-MAINTAINED PROPERTY: Because Lakewood assures that every triplex and other dwelling they will provide is well-maintained by responsible renters and is continually undergoing improvement for the good of the property and the lives of the residents, potential purchasers may have peace of mind knowing that they are making a sound investment. It is Lakewood’s responsibility to ensure that the residence is free of any damaged or missing components.

BREATHTAKING LANDSCAPE: Not only do the homes in Lakewood’s triplexes have an excellent architectural arrangement that every family would dream of having, but the placement of the homes is also one of the things that contribute to the attractiveness of the neighborhood’s triplexes. The houses are situated in stunning natural surroundings, providing their occupants with a calming and peaceful environment to call home. The breathtaking scenery is something that no family could ever grow bored of.

STUDENT-FRIENDLY LOCATION: Due to the proximity of Lakewood’s schools to the city’s residential areas, the children who live there do not have to be concerned about their education. It is possible to get there simply by strolling, and the schools provide an education of the most outstanding possible level completely free of charge. Some schools within the city include Artesia High School, Riley Elementary School, and Herbert Hoover Middle School.

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5 Real Estate Facts About Triplex for Sale in Lakewood, CA

  • Lakewood triplex homes are currently available for sale and listed for $500,000 to $1 million.
  • The average rent of triplex homes in Lakewood ranges between $1,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on home features, size and location.
  • Most triplex for sale in Lakewood, CA have an average unit size spanning between 700 sqft to 1,000 sqft.
  • The cheapest and most compact housing option in Lakewood is studio-type flats.
  • There are also several Lakewood triplexes with one to three-bedroom units that provide significantly more living space.
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Triplex for Sale in Lakewood, CA

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Things to do in Lakewood, CA

I Luv Sushi

Thai and Japanese influences combine in the rolls served at this hip bar that also serves beer and wine.

Lakewood Tennis Center

A tennis court for players of all abilities, with a fully equipped and operated pro shop for all your tennis need!

West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail

A path that winds its way through a slender strip of green area that runs parallel to the San Gabriel River.

Liberty Park and Fitness Center

Recreational facilities include a fitness center, a ball field, a playground, tennis courts, and a disc-golf course.

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