My Personal Hotel Investment Story

Why should you read my story?

Because my story is really about you.

I’m 40 years old with 25 years of hotel experience. That’s right, I started working in hotels before I could look over the reception counter.

I’ve been through it all. Acquisition, repositioning, disposition, management, ownership, joint ventures, recession, negotiations, renovations, customer service, maintenance, everything.

Hotel management and ownership can be devilishly tricky to navigate. First-time property owners need an experienced guide, and sometimes a well-informed little push. Long-time owners need an agent with eagle eyes, and sometimes a good sounding board.

It brings me joy to connect with clients over the challenges of hotel management and ownership. Together we come out on top. It’s rewarding to steer you to the same success I’ve enjoyed.

(Block Quote) “This story is about you. By the end, you’ll know I’m equipped with the experience to guide you through the most challenging situations. You’ll see that my foundation of immaculate customer service has shaped me into much more than a real estate salesman.”

Come see why I’m equipped to give a 5-star real estate investment experience with round-the-clock room service.

My Story

By the time I graduated high school, I could manage a hotel myself. In this case, it was my parent’s hotel. As a teenager, I was dealing with bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, maintenance, renting rooms, and customer service.

By 25, I owned my own property in a joint venture with my sister and brother-in-law. I managed this property and oversaw two stages of renovations, including the creation of a bar-restaurant.

We increased the gross revenue from $180K to $500K in three years. That’s a 278% increase during the middle of the 2008 recession. In the same time frame, we quadrupled the RevPAR from $7 to $28.

My life, along with the lives of my siblings, parents, and grandparents have revolved around hotel management and ownership. That family history has given me two powerful advantages.

First, I was able to learn the insides and outs of hotel management before others could even apply for a realtor license. Second, I learned the value of creating service-based relationships with my clients.

“Real estate and hospitality go hand in hand. I’m glad I got my hospitality experience first because service is the foundation of being a realtor who’s more than a salesperson.”

When I was young, I was part of a family dream of turning my immigrant parents into hotel owners. It was a big, but achievable dream that we made true.

That dream-maker motivation still runs through me. But now I help my community achieve their dreams of financial freedom, golden real estate investments, and generally hitting home runs in life.

My Hotel Properties

I currently own two hotels, Plaza Hotel one in Gardena and one in San Pedro. When I purchased Gardena, it was generating $8K/month in gross revenue. After a year under my management and some renovations, it generated $26K/month, a 325% increase. Now it generates $35K/month, for a total of a 438% revenue increase.

The Royal Hotel generated $9K/month when I purchased it in 2017. Another renovation later, it was generating $24K/month. That’s a 267% revenue increase after one year.

Owning these properties keeps me sharp and well-informed about the shifting challenges of hotel ownership.

“There can be a lot of tricky spots in hotel ownership. Is it time to sell or buckle down? Is hotel management really part of your skill set? Is this a deal worth signing or is the wool being pulled over your eyes?

Again, I’ve been there. I also know from experience how invaluable it can be for your peace of mind to have a mentor talk you through hard decisions.

I know the gauntlet of searching high and low for a property in your price range. And once you find it, I know the challenge of landing a loan, even during the 2008 recession.”

Realtor Success Stories

One of my favorite success stories involves Armando and Adrianna, a couple I met at a Culver City open house in 2015. At the time, they were represented by another realtor, but they switched to me shortly after.

I found them a duplex in Mid City listed at $650K. It checked off all their boxes, but they were worried about the elderly tenants renting the other half. I stopped them in their tracks and said, “This is going to be the best deal of your life.”

Armando and Adrianna closed at $590K, which was 11% under the asking price. Fast forward five years, and the property was worth $1.2 million, more than double their investment. Of course, we’re still in touch. I love being the realtor that, as they say, “made them millionaires.”

My husband and I met Jack back in 2014 at an open house we went to. We had several questions since we were new to buying and Jack answered many of those questions and the ones he didn’t have an answer for he researched and asked who he needed to in order to get back to us with answers.

Since day one he was very professional, knowledgeable and with a great attitude. Honestly that was the key point for us for choosing him as our agent.

Shortly after we met him he helped us buy our first house in a great neighborhood. At that time the house he recommended wasn’t within our budget but he was able to negotiate a much better deal (for that too we are very thankful!). He is great on answering phone calls and texts or on getting back to you if he is busy. As a buyer I can say that he actually did listen to what we were looking for and also suggested different scenarios and ideas for our best interest.

Ever since we met him we’ve been in communication, and he has been very helpful and resourceful. It is great to meet people that actually want to help you and provide value and not just be your RE agent.

So if you are looking to buy or sell a property I highly recommend Jack, you will not regret calling him for help.

Another great success story involves Krishan, a fellow Indian hotel owner. We met when he had an upcoming exchange deadline that was going to lose him 475K or more in needless taxes.

Krishan had struggled to find a solution until I found him a fourplex in Lakewood. We closed at $1.425 million before the impending exchange deadline. The property value grew to $1.6 million shortly after. Altogether, I helped put 650k in his bank account.

We worked with Jack to get an investment property a few years back, great agent! The whole process was bit tough due some lending issues, but Jack worked continuously to get the deal still in place while lending got sorted out and provided alternative solutions along the way. Very professional, upfront, and clear on everything from start to end (and even post ending). I would definitely recommend him.

I chose these success stories because they highlight how experience can guide people into financial freedom and rescue them from tricky situations. It just takes one good deal, an experience-driven spidey sense, and sometimes a little push.

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The same is true of buying property. Only you don’t have a time machine, so give me a call today!